5 Link Building Tools You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

Ranking high on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) is the goal for every marketer. It is the best way to direct traffic to your site, grow your audience, and increase conversion rates. There are several Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tactics to help you rank high on the SERPs, and one of the most effective tactics is link building.

Link building tools help link prospecting efforts, assess them, build, and monitor relevant backlinks (links in other websites that provide that bridge back to a page on your site).  While there are tons of link-building tools in the market, you need to do your due diligence when selecting the one that suits your needs best. 

You’d be surprised at how many other capable link-building tools that you probably haven’t heard of:

1. Linkody

Hailing from Amsterdam, Linkody, a powerful yet affordable tool for link building and monitoring, sports a systematic and clear dashboard overview with key metrics in place. You can manage, analyze, and keep track of your link-building effort and your competitors’ link-building strategies too. This helps you make accurate on-the-spot decisions.

Also, you’ll know how your backlinks are behaving across metrics such as spam score, domain authority, trust flow, citation flow, and others. Linkody discovers new and beneficial link-building opportunities which you can explore. There’s a disavow tool that helps identify harmful backlinks so you can prevent unhealthy SEO attacks or penalization.

Its Link Visualizer tool helps assess links values based on metrics, such as external link count, spam score, Google index status, and others. Any changes (new links, broken links, and others) are reported to you via email, daily or weekly. If you are starting with a limited budget, Linkody could be your choice.

How Much is Linkody?

There are five paid plans that you can consider, with the cheapest plan at $14.90/month. The plans differ by the number of domains, links, and users. All Linkody plans feature link analytics, new links discovery, link visualizer, easy link management, easy disavow tool, email reports, Excel, and PDF report. You are allowed to cancel your plan anytime. There’s a 30-days free trial, and no credit card details are needed.

2. Buzzstream

Buzzstream is an end-to-end Italian-made software that helps manage your link-building campaigns. It not only enhances your outreach by building lists of potential opportunities with journalists, bloggers, others, it also manages and tracks all your communication and measures each campaign’s progress. 

Researching quality prospects to create quality backlinks can be done faster via simple navigation through the list, with automated website and social metrics gathering. You can do efficient follow-ups via pre-configured reminders. Lastly, monitor every link development campaign closely.  

BuzzStream also enhances your content to increase your pitch ideas to potential influencers and others. Buzzstream excels in its customizable link-building outreach capability, so if this is what you need, Buzzstream is your guy.

How Much is Buzzstream?

Choose the best plan for yourself, or you can attempt the 14-days free trial (credit card is required). Buzzstream’s paid plans are by the number of contacts and users. They also offer a custom plan starting at $999/month, but you have to contact them for further information.

Manually looking for quality links in Google is time-consuming. Your time can be better spent elsewhere. This is where Link Prospector comes into the picture. It is a powerful link-building tool designed to help you source quality outreach opportunities while amplifying your content to attract more links and shares. 

Link Prospector is an easy-to-use tool; select the report type you want, input keywords related to your website, and get a list of all the relevant link opportunities at your disposal. You get potential sponsorship, link addition opportunities, and more. Link Prospector is not suitable for beginners as it requires you to have more in-depth knowledge in hand already.

So, if you’re an advanced user and need in-depth backlink opportunities reporting, Link Prospector can do much to help you.

The only one in this list with pay-as-you-go plans, Link Prospector gives you the flexibility to commit to a monthly fee or top up your credits as and when you need. Of course, if you opt for the higher-tiered plans, you pay less per credit. Ultimately, this depends on your business needs and what you foresee you need in the future. They do offer a refund on credit purchases within 30 days of purchase.

4. Raven Tools

Raven tools is a suite of comprehensive products, with its Backlink Checker standing out in the market. They offer up to 50,000 backlinks that you can explore and allow you to export your data for up to 10,000 links. Raven stands on quality rather than quantity. So, although Raven provides a smaller list of prospects, these are quality links that are more relevant and useful. 

Using Backlink Checker, you get to know who is linking to whom and locate any backlink opportunities in competitors. Then, you can incorporate such valuable opportunities into your link-building strategy. You can also customize your reports and apply custom filters accordingly, exporting what is necessary to your needs. 

Raven’s Link Manager tool helps you discover any potential link leads, manage and track your link-building campaigns via a single dashboard. The Backlink Explorer gives you a clear overview of your backlink profile so you can monitor the links. Although Raven sources data from Mox and Majestic tools, which are not as comprehensive as Ahrefs, it is still a well-presented tool, which you may find sufficient for your needs.

How Much is Raven?

Raven’s Small Biz plan at $39/month could suffice for a small business owner. If you need more domains, users, position checks, the higher-tiered plans suit you better. One thing to highlight – all Raven’s paid plans come with their 45 tools which can help boost your SEO. If you’re still hesitant, why not try their 7-days free trial?

5. Ninja Outreach

Ninja Outreach Link Builder is an all-in-one link-building tool that complements your link-building strategies. You’ll have access to an updated database of contacts of high authority leads – 100 million social media and blogger influencers. From here, identify those that are relevant to you and reach out to them. 

Just perform a simple search, craft your content (you can use the built-in templates), initiate your email campaigns, and finally track each campaign’s progress. 

The Pro Link Building Software brings you the means to build and advance via assessing your competitor links, guest posts links, resource pages links, broken links, and others. You can integrate Ninja’s Outreach Link Builder with your email. Ninja’s built-in email finder and validator ensures that your emails reach the right intended people, so your effort is not wasted.

You can sync your account with its free Chrome Extension so that you can perform on-demand link prospecting while browsing. Also, find out which link outreach approach works best, then you can restrategize accordingly.

You can choose from two paid plans. The two plans differ by the number of contacts, seats, connected emails, and monthly email limit. The more popular plan is the $155/month Flex plan, or you can sign up for their 7-days free trial that requires your credit card details. Although the pricing is steep, they justify this by the many potential influencers you can get.

Link building is a common SEO approach to earn links (hyperlinks) from other websites into your website content. Since your goal is to encourage more people to come to your website, these links are great ways to get more traffic, thus improving your website search visibility.  

In the past, many used as many links as possible on their website, regardless of their relevance. However, Google penalized such websites. Hence, marketers changed their approach and looked for quality link-building opportunities instead. This is where link-building tools come in handy.


For every marketer, link building has been an integral part of SEO. It is one of the core components in enhancing your authority to rank high in the SERPs. Although some of you prefer to earn links from other sites manually, the fact that link-building tools help you build quality links faster and efficiently is undeniable. 

Having the correct combination of the right link-building tools and the capability to craft highly persuasive emails is the perfect recipe to ensure you’re always on top of the SEO game.

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