5 Little Known Search Ranking Monitoring Tools

In this dog-eat-dog world, where everything is all about gaining that edge in your website visibility, it is no wonder that you seek powerful search ranking monitoring tools. After all, your goal is to ensure you’re consistently ranking high in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

After all, low ranks generally equate to poor traffic, something awful for business. To help SERPs, we typically rely on the wide array of search ranking monitoring tools in the market. Big names include Ahrefs, Semrush, Moz, and more. 

That said, if you look deeper, you’ll come across others that are equally capable. Here are five little known search ranking monitoring tools that you can explore:

1. Wincher

Hailing from Sweden, Wincher is a powerful yet flexible SEO tool that is suitable for newbies and advanced users. They claim to have secured more than 100,000 users across 150 countries. Wincher tracks over 35 million keywords in more than 130 search engines. 

Wincher helps to monitor your Google rankings by tracking your keywords and how to improve their usage. You get an overview of how your keywords on your site or each page are doing before and now. Also, it discovers new highly ranked keywords that you can incorporate to help boost your ranking. 

You’ll find lots of valuable insights into how your competition is doing based on specific keywords you’re monitoring. You can even configure how you want your ranking reports done. There are also APIs available that you can use to integrate with other products.

How Much Does Wincher Cost?

There are three paid plans that Wincher has to offer, $33/month being the lowest. The plans are priced based on the number of keywords you wish to track and other features. However, should you need a higher volume, such as more than 10,000 keywords, you’ll need to contact them for a quote. There is a 14-days free trial with no credit card required.

2. Ranktracker

Ranktracker is a Swiss-made ranking tool that gives you a clear overview of all your relevant SEO metrics. They have garnered over 20,000 users, as of current writing. Their updates are daily to ensure you get the latest insight into your keywords’ performance and website visibility.  

Tune in to your dashboard, you’ll find all the information readily available – visibility percentage, traffic percentage, and your average position. You can view your site’s audit findings where any technical issues that can impact your ranking in the SERP are detected so you can take action immediately. 

Feel free to explore the Keyword Finder tool; this is simple to use and helps source those high-volume keywords. Ranktracker’s SERP checker tool is where you input your keywords of interest. You can then get search results based on the location and how well your site would perform with them. The reports are customisable per your needs.

How Much Does Ranktracker Cost?

Ranktracker’s paid plans start from as low as $7.20/month, and they differ by the number of keywords and features. If you need more than 2,000 daily tracked keywords, you can contact their sales personnel. You are allowed to cancel, upgrade or downgrade your plan anytime. There is a 7-days free trial where you need to input your credit card number. 

3. Nightwatch

Nightwatch is another useful ranking tool that tracks data in 107,296 locations across the globe. You can track your keywords performances and also uncover powerful keywords by customised segments via the Keyword Discovery tool. 

Nightwatch claims to provide very accurate local tracking results. Unlike many others that use randomly assigned data centres, Nightwatch allows you to choose any worldwide search engine data centre from any location. You can monitor your SERP features as Nightwatch shows you how to strategize your SERP placements better, so you rank higher, not only locally but also globally. 

Reporting is automated, so you have more time in your hands and can take action faster when it comes to critical business decisions. You get ranking results daily across search engines, including DuckDuckGo and Bing. Also, the Site Auditor tool reports on any problem pages, broken links/tags, and others, so you can fix them promptly.

How Much Does Nightwatch Cost?

Nightwatch’s cheapest plan at $32/month is targeted more at smaller businesses with limited budgets. If you require more features, you’ll have to opt for the higher-tiered plans. You can check out the offered 14-days free trial. Unfortunately, this free trial is only available for the Starter and Agency plans. If you need higher flexibility and numbers, discuss with them. 

4. AccuRanker

From Denmark, AccuRanker came about in 2013. They claim that they’re the world’s fastest and most accurate keyword rank tracker, backed by robust servers in every country. As such, you get 99.9% data accuracy locally and globally. You also get on-demand ranking updates (you get to choose when your keywords are updated). 

AccuRanker helps you gain a better understanding of the SERP features that can help increase your traffic. The Share of Voice feature gives you an overall overview of your organic positioning in the market and where you can progress forward. You also have the flexibility of filtering your data in many different ways for more in-depth analysis. 

You’ll find global and local ranking results based on locations, available for Google, Bing, YouTube, Yandex, and Baidu. There is a drag and drop report builder tool that you can use to customise your reporting. The report function is automated and scheduled. For those of you who are more tech-savvy, some APIs provide you with the flexibility to extend your functions to Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, databox, and others.

How Much Does AccuRanker Cost?

AccuRanker’s pricing is on the high side. However, they justify this by giving you all the features in both plans. If you opt for the yearly plan, there’s a 10% discount. You can check out the pricing by dragging along the ‘number of keywords’ line. All the paid plans can be upped or downed, cancelled anytime.

5. Pro Rank Tracker

As of current writing, Pro Rank Tracker has more than 60,000 clients all over the world. The flagship product ‘ProRankTracker’ is a cloud-based application and has been in the SEO rank tracking and reporting industry for more than eight years. Utilising state-of-the-art algorithms, ProRankTracker gives you accurate results that are updated daily.  

In addition to this, you can perform on-demand updates, depending on your subscribed plan. You have the flexibility to configure your keywords and where you want to track them. Pro Rank Tracker claims that its ranking results are 100% accurate and the global tracking is done on all popular search engines/sites. The interface is multilingual, so you’ll have no problems finding the language of your choice. 

The data alone is not enough, as you need intelligent analysis and research tools to help you interpret them; you need to know if you’re doing things right in boosting your SEO effort. The report options are plenty; you can build professional and white-labelled reports following your various needs.

How Much Does Pro Rank Tracker Cost?

Perhaps the only one in this list with a free plan, where you can track 100 terms for 30 days with all goodies thrown in, after which you are entitled to only 20 terms tracking. No credit card is required to activate the free plan. As for the paid plans, you’ll need to drag on the ‘number of keywords’ line to get the price you need to pay a month.


The task of consistently tracking how your site ranks by analyzing the performance of your keywords is crucial for any marketer. After all, if done right is effective to boost your SEO performance and ultimately increase conversion rates. You’ll need an effective search ranking monitoring tool for this so you can identify any issues early and resolve them sooner. 

Feel free to try any of the search ranking monitoring tools listed above. Sometimes, you don’t need branded tools to help you achieve your goals. These tools listed above are well equipped to help you rank higher, encourage higher traffic, and top your competitors.

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